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About Us

We pride ourselves on fast, efficient and friendly service and giving more than is required or expected.

Summerhill Property Management, Inc., is a full service property management and real estate sales company specializing in properties located in the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily Silicon Valley, California.

  • Our owners find that we are responsive to their need to find quality tenants, and to provide prompt attention to tenant requests and repair requirements.
  • We have an extensive, tested list of maintenance professionals to respond to repair issues.
  • We thoroughly screen applicants to increase our ability to select the best tenant for your property. Please visit our client feedback page for comments from current owners and tenants.
  • Knowing the legal requirements and liabilities that come with owning rental property are an important part of our service. We stay current with new regulations through the California Association of Realtors and the Tri-County Apartment Association.

Owning rental property is much more challenging today than it was even a few years ago. “A good property manager requires the skills of a business executive, decorator, salesperson, gardener, housekeeper, information center, accountant, social director, psychologist, marriage counselor, rent collector, maintenance expert, security officer, keeper of the keys, messenger service, and complaint department. The manager must be fast-moving, poised, quick-thinking, non-tiring, ever available, all knowing and never ailing. This “expert” knows how to visit without visiting, sell without selling, see without judging, and hear without repeating.” This is a quote from the Department of Real Estate website, and I think pretty well sums up the job of a Property Manager.

At Summerhill Property Management, Inc. we strive to meet all of those requirements and then some. Please feel free to contact us and let us tell you about our services.